Thursday, September 07, 2006

Locked Door

All these feelings of love
and hate run freely
through my dainty self.
So many words are left untouched
and yet others exploited.

The sound of anger and despair
buzz constantly in my head.
So loud and with such frequency
that all I can do is
lay still and cry.

Happiness waiting behind a single locked door.
How am I to evade the black fumes
simmering in my lungs?
My inner voice says
Unlock the door!

Looking down to the palm of my hand
I see the key that can set me free.
It’s been there all along
Only now can I fathom its existence.
Perhaps now I can breathe...


Dawn said...

Damn girl! You have got such talant! I got shivers up my spine reading your stuff (the ones I could understand of course! - what language is that other laguage anyway? LOL)

Well done and keep 'em comin'! I'm bookmarking you x

Dawn said...

Okay I cant spell today - sorry