Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Friend Called Hatred

An imaginary friend called Hatred.
Hatred is my only friend.
Hatred understands me,
I understand Hatred.
I love Hatred,
and Hatred loves me.
Hatred has a friend named Pain.
I soon found comfort in Pain.
And Pain became my friend too.
I embraced Pain and Hatred and brought their souls unto mine.
Sex and Violence also came into the picture,
and through Sex and Violence I felt I became whole.
I found comfort in Sex,
Sex filled an empty whole.
I found freedom in Violence.
Violence introduced me to my inner-self
and soon I came to understand everything I hadn't known before.
So now, with Pain and Hatred, Sex and Violence,
I live with my life
and walk towards death with a new understanding of everything.
With open arms I embrace the truth of what I am.

Sean Quinlan

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Anonymous said...

that's brilliant and brave.