Friday, April 13, 2007

A tease a minute longer

at 1:30 am
i'm missing you
in my t-shirt and the polk-a-dot panties you love
the ones you took off oh-so softly that night we played with candle wax
my lights are turned down low
in heavy breaths
i ask if you're by yourself

an index finger
tracing my skin

my finger
discovering the folds of my elbow
to my right temple
wait to crawl below

your tongue would lead the way if you were here
between my thighs
hands massaging my breasts
but i'm doing ok with your voice
whispering on the phone
as you're touching yourself too

i would love to kiss you
deep into trace
the musty smells of a hard day's work
caught between our belly buttons
pressed between the palms of our hands against the wall
legs spread apart
wrapping each other close
bite your neck
lick my lips
a tease a minute longer

my lover
spiced lust divine
do your kisses travel so quickly to my hips
and how i know you/inside me
even these thousands of miles apart

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